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Oral histories

When a family or neighborhood or other community wants to collect the current stories from living members, interviews capture the voices as well as the words. 

I will record people's history to share online as well as transcribe an interview for written use. If you need an interview for a newspaper human interest story or the writing of a magazine story, a recording of a family gathering, or the transcribing of a museum's or library's oral history collection, contact me

Recording of a grandmother's stories during family gathering

The Christmas Pageant - Mattie - Family storytelling

Genealogical Research

When it comes to genealogy, finding dates and names of past family members is only one part. A family's stories bring the different members and generations to life. Discovering the answers that are available takes genealogy from questions and dates to narratives that fill in the blanks.


The digging for genealogical information takes time, and as a storyteller and accomplished researcher, I will find the stories behind the numbers. My passion for such research means I am able to provide the stories and facts of a person's past for a variety of uses, including family trees, author support, and public history development.  

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