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Research Support & Articles

Are you writing a memoir, novel, or non-fiction book? Do you need a past family member's vital dates and certificates, perhaps to identify an adopted grandparent or for a Daughters of the American Revolution application? Does your magazine or website need an article about a building or other historical topic? Do you have interviews you need taken, transcribed, and/or organized for your own article or area development?

I have helped customers across the world with projects involving all of these forms of research. Especially if you need information about a place or person in Minnesota, I can dig into the resources for you. I truly enjoy the detective hunt to find all of the information that you need if it exists. 

Contact me for a free consultation to determine the number of contracted hours your project might need that fits into your budget.

Register of Alms House Inmates underline
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Waverly 8 retouch.jpg

Minnesota History Magazine, 66.4 (Winter 2018): 97.

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St Joseph Hosp 1st MN hosp 1907 RCHS rev
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