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Consider this range of services and which meet your needs. If you are uncertain which service will provide your end product, I will work with you to create a game plan for your project's success. 

Involves research of a house or property and organizing that research into a narrative. A gift of a book for an important anniversary to the background information for realtors.

Genealogy: Involves research into family history - facts and stories. The end result can range from only dates and relationships to including stories found in historic documents.

Oral Histories: Involves taking the interviews and/or transcription. Ask about having a family-reunion recording session.

Involves using oral histories and historic research to write the story of a family and/or business. The end results can range from formatted, computer documents to bound final books.

Research support: Involves compiling research, resources and information for client's project.

Articles: Involves writing articles for magazine publication, particularly concerning building histories and historical preservation topics.

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